Yoga Garden SF Price Updates


The yoga industry is rapidly changing as service innovation, consolidation, and competition continue to redefine what it means to be a boutique studio. This is especially true in San Francisco.

Price changes now and in the future are one way that we can ensure that we adapt to demand and keep your classes full with the highest value clients.

Our underlying pricing objectives are to:

1) provide sufficient resources to support the vitality and growth of the community of Yoga Garden

2) to continue to foster a stable, dedicated, and loyal membership community

3) to reinforce the symbiotic relationship of yoga studio and yoga school by providing affordable opportunities for professional growth.

The following changes are being phased in between now and June 1, 2016. Auto-renewing memberships will not increase so long as they continue to auto-renew.

*Current members and auto-renewing memberships will be able to lock in their rates as long as it is in active prior to June 1, 2016

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