24 Hour Flash Sale: One Year of Yoga

yoga12Our biggest savings of the year: Now through January 1st!

Make your commitment now for healthy, conscious living through the upcoming season and into the new year.

From Christmas Eve to New Years Day, enjoy $400 off of our annual membership. One year of yoga for only $101 a month, our cheapest monthly membership to date.


Offer valid through midnight, January 1, 2014.
Annual Membership entitles the holder to up to one yoga class per day for a period of 12 months, excluding Mysore classes.
*A limited number of memberships will be offered. Purchase must be made in one payment. Cannot be used by another student, cannot be transferred or carried over to a future period, may not be postponed or extended, and will not be refunded. Membership will become effective on the date of purchase or a future date specified at the time of purchase. Specified start date must be within on year of purchase.