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Pranayama (Yogic Breath) Immersive Training

February 17 - February 18

Pranayama (Yogic Breath) Immersive Training with Meera Dhawan

Are you ready to explore the mysteries of the breath? Pranayama, the 4th limb of yoga, is an ancient, transformative practice that dates back thousands of years and is still a cornerstone of yoga practice today. Pranayama is an incredible gift: It teaches us how to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and go deeper in our practice.

In this invigorating weekend workshop, led by Meera Dhawan, you’ll be immersed in these ancient teachings and learn, through discussion and practice, where pranayama came from, how it relates to asana (the postures), and how to practice it with skill and intention. This deep dive will include learning the prerequisites for breath practice, how the nadis (energy channels) relate to the breath, and which practices are best for different people.

You will come away with an understanding of:

  1. The Vedic history and wisdom teachings of pranayama
  2. The relationship between pranayama, the nervous system, and the mind
  3. How to practice specific techniques like Sama Vritti and Nadi Shodhana
  4. How to practice vitalizing and calming breath techniques (to wake up and slow down!)
  5. Tips for teaching pranayama safety in studio classes (for yoga teachers)

All levels of experience are welcome! If possible, please do some light physical movement before class and avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before. Please bring a yoga mat and a notebook or something to write with.


Saturday, February 17th, 2024 | 11am-4pm

Sunday, February 18th, 2024 | 11am-4pm

*In person only at Folk NOPA studio*

Cost: $260 or $230 before February 3rd, 2024, or:

  1. Gain unlimited access to all Folk teacher trainings, workshops, and classes with our Yoga School All Access Membership!
  2. Folk Members and Alumni receive 25% off of the full price.

This course provides 10 Elective Contact Hours for Folks 300 Hour Program [10 Yoga Alliance® CEUs].