Shake Your Asana THIS Saturday!

free movementWith Danae Robinett

Shake Your Asana is a sacred prayer offered in the form of Movement, Yoga and Dance.

We begin by literally shaking! As we shake we begin to shift the consciousness to free ourselves from the binds of everyday life-

  • Breath-work and Asana are incorporated.
  • Free-form movement is explored.
  • A dance phrase is offered.
  • Hugs happen naturally here.
  • Inspiring music provides the sound-score and vocalization is encouraged.
  • Mantra matters.
  • Glitter is purely optional.

Shake Your Asana is like a moving meditation and together we sweat.smile.shine-sharing the space and radiating our sparkly light out in to the world!

All levels of movement experience are welcome. Cost is $25.  Members receive a 10% discount.

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