subtle body

Yin yoga teacher and Reiki Master Liz Andolong joins us on the blog today to share her knowledge of the subtle body, along with tools to connect to and heal it.

The physical body is made up of muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and organs, to name a few. You are probably familiar with the physical body and how a practice of yoga can instill a state of meditative calm; however, what the heck is the subtle body and how does it pertain to the practice of yoga?

If you have ever heard of your chakras (energy centers or channels), an aura, energy nodes, or qi (pronounced CHEE), then you already know a bit about the subtle body. Yoga is most known by the physical practice (asana), breathwork (pranayama), or meditation (dhyana).  Philosophically, the eight limbs of yoga help point the practitioner inwards, past the layers of the physical body and into the energetic.

The subtle body includes the softer features of the body.

Your emotions, thoughts, sensations, energetic shifts, mind, and ego are some examples of the subtle. Oftentimes, when we look at healing, we focus our efforts on the physical body, emotional body, or mental body.  The subtle body also encompasses the spiritual body or the experience of that which is unseen.

My practice of yoga has transformed over the years. A once incredibly physical and sweat-producing evolved into a more relaxing and restorative practice. As the collective consciousness has grown over the years, we have begun to create more space for the empaths, highly-sensitive people, or those who are attuned to energetic and emotional work as a spiritual practice.

My goal in offering the Connecting to + Healing the Subtle Body workshop is to create a launching pad for those interested in learning more about themselves, while safely leading attendees into a subtle body practice. In the workshop, we will take a look at where we are with our own healing process through meditation, journaling, and partner work.

Explore new modalities and tools such as:

  • energetic clearing
  • energetic grounding
  • creating and maintaining energetic boundaries
  • community reiki
  • yin yoga

This practice is for anyone curious about energy, fascinated by leaning into their yoga practice more deeply, and the regular person who simply wants to practice receiving.

To sign up for the workshop on Saturday, 3/29 from 12-4PM, feel free to visit the reservation page here. Looking forward to holding space with you!